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AvatarAlex Stojkovic asked 2 years ago

Our company is based on the pet (dog) apparel businesses as well as gadget business. We are looking for someone to allocate a daily spending budget across FB, IG, Pinterest, PPC and other methods. We also want to do increased influence and user-generated marketing with ambassador/referral programs. How can you help our brand? What sales methods would you suggest?

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AvatarPet Directory answered 2 years ago

Hi Alex,
Thanks for posting your project here. We recommend our clients to start their Facebook campaign for potential leads. We can work on ppc, IG, Pinterest, PPC and YT without any hassle. Just shared the potential market which will be best for you. Please describe the more details about your pet business.

AvatarAlex Stojkovic answered 2 years ago

Ok Thanks, I will talk with my partner and will let you know later today.