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Avatardavid asked 2 years ago

Hello PetDirectory,

We are interested in having our current pet website remade in SquareSpace . We are looking for someone to help us get started with an initial new fresh design in the SquareSpace platform. The copy and asset content can be copied into the new page but we want a new fresh design using your skills and guidance.

Make us a completely new page design on the SquareSpace platform with content from the current page. We have some additional requirements for some future sections we would like to add.

We also need a detailed guide on how to maintain and add additional content going forward. This would be a document that describes how to edit each section and continue to update the site you create for us.



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AvatarSabiha Laz answered 2 years ago

Hi David, Thanks for posting your project on Pet Directory. Please share your current website url and credentials and make it private. Once we will review the site and list the full requirements we will estimate our budget and time frame. This is a great start. Thanks, Laz, Supporting Agent, Pet Directory Inc.