UI/UX Designer required for our pet Store

ProjectsCategory: Web DesignUI/UX Designer required for our pet Store
AvatarBoris Johnson asked 2 years ago

Hi Pet Directory,

We’re looking for an experienced UI/UX designer to redesign our eCommerce website. We have an eCommerce website that sells wholesale pet treats to customers. It is already currently running but there is some need to improve on the UI/UX of the website. The company concerned already has quite a strong brand identity so any design work would have to include the brands logo/colour schemes.

We require the following work to be carried out:

  • Improvement on the current template as a whole, with designs for all pages
  • Improvement on the ui/ux current customer processes e.g. registration, signing in, checkout, etc.
  • Creation of new processes; basically the client desires some ideas on how to better communicate with their customers not only things like special offers but also price changes, new product lines, etc.
  • we already have some ideas here, but any extra ideas would be welcome.
  • The intention at the end is to produce working html/css files that we can hand over to our developer so that he can integrate the new UI/UX elements into the current system.
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AvatarPet Directory answered 2 years ago

Hi Boris Johnson,
Thanks for posting the job here. Please share your current website so we can take a look and discuss in details.